We Only Grown Organic


GO Green’s vision concentrate is to be the first and leading at importer and exporter of various agricultural crops, and has succeeded in achieving this by winning the satisfaction and trust of all customers, suppliers, investors and even competitors, The company has provided the best and most successful model among the import and export companies in The Egyptian Arabic Republic. Go Green has achieved this luminescence and success only through the availability of those features that it has built over the years since its inception:

– Development of various means and methods of production.

– Expanded access to many new markets in the region.

– Follow various technical plans and methods to maintain their position.

– Increasing the distribution rate in a large value in the local markets by adding different types that were not available in the markets and which increase their consumption constantly.

– Go Green seeks to provide competitive prices suitable to all customers worldwide, and provides the best services and products with the highest efficiency.

– Selection of staff and managers carefully to keep pace with the ongoing and successful development of (Go Green) to promote them always to be at the top as it is.

We also seek to be the top international companies for the import and export of vegetables and fruits and all different agricultural crops, to win the confidence and satisfaction of all customers from all over the Republic. For this reason, Go Green offers all kinds of fruits and vegetables that are subject to the highest standards of quality and safety by using the latest means and devices for export and control on all products, It also follows all advanced production methods.

The Company is ISO certified organic grower by Egyptian State Department of Agriculture. We have a total of 3000 certified organic acres of Fruits and Vegetables.

Company Vision


Go Green has achieved this success only thanks to the continuous development of the team and its careful selection to keep pace with the continuous development of the company.